Seasick Steve announces 10th year anniversary show at Wembley Arena

The musician’s inaugural performance on Jools Holland’s Hootenanny back in 2006 launched him - and his album Dog House Music - into the limelight overnight. There aren’t many singers who find stardom in their mid-50s.

Now, as that album heads towards its tenth anniversary, the US singer is set to perform at London’s Wembley Arena on 14 October, having previously sold out the likes of the Royal Albert Hall and Brixton Academy.

The show will be Steve’s only scheduled UK performance of the whole year, and speaking ahead of it, he said, "When I realised it was going to be 10 years since I was on Jools’ show, and 10 years since you guys gave me this job I decided that we gonna have a party. A ’10 Years Out of The Dog House’ Party.’

Seasick Steve will also be releasing his eighth album Keepin’ The Horse Between Me And The Ground on October 7, he’s confirmed. It comes 10 years after the launch of solo debut Dog House Music, and follows last year’s title Sonic Soul Surfer.

To answer a rhetorical question: Can you teach a dog new tricks? Yes you can, but he’s got to want to. Seasick Steve is an old dog; has he learnt a couple of new tricks after his passable last album Soul Surfer.

Seasick Steve has always played off of his outsider image. This was a guy that was hanging out with Joni Mitchell in the ‘70s and Modest Mouse in the ‘90s, all the while occasionally roaming the states with only his guitar to his name. He’s only been recording solo albums under his current stage name since 2004, and it leads to a sort of ground that can grow outlandish myths, if only he wanted to do something more interesting with it. His trade mark Three-String Trance Wonder guitar accompanies him here, slinging the same silvery lines over and over again. Seasick Steve, when he’s in blues mode, only has two gears; slow grooves or crunchy, churning riffs. In another era, Steve’s throw back sound might be tantalizing, but we live in different times. That’s not to say that Steve doesn’t spin these songs with a personal touch.

 Despite his name, Steve is a sturdy singer. He’s got 70 some-odd years under his belt, so his voice sound sunburnt and worn, but his baritone growl is always the center of the songs.  It’s clear that Steve could do more with his sound, but he’s hunkered down in the gritty blues shuffle. There’s so much promise in Steve’s gruff vocals and guitar work, but re-re-fried blues is a dead end. Can he rework the magic.

His newest album is described as being “dedicated to the life that should be celebrated” and as featuring “a good Seasick mix of boogie, blues, rock, Americana and folk.”

Steve says: “I’m having the best time of my life right now, and it’s been one helluva ride.”

We plan to hitch on to that ride



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